Make Your Own Mix Tape - 200+ grams, 40+ different yarns!

Make Your Own Mix Tape - 200+ grams, 40+ different yarns!


Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Mix tape yarn consists of 40+ different yarns professionally spliced together to form a strong, tiny, tuck-able tuft that is invisible on the outside of your project.  Each of my mix tape yarns includes at least 7 different picture yarns.  Size of repeats varies and some repeats in the 200g+ hanks are pretty long.  I am making a cowl out of this.  I have cast on 60 stitches and am just knitting my heart out and will stop when I can graft the ends and wrap it around my neck 3 times for an infinity cowl.  

Mix tapes are all about getting what you want, so after purchasing, just send me a message letting me know your basic likes and if any particular yarns should be included or excluded.  For instance, you may strongly dislike a certain color, or want holiday yarns excluded.  Let me know whatever I need to know to make a mix tape you will like.  You can't pick every yarn, but there will be 40+ yarns, and at least 7 picture yarns as close to your specifications as possible.  Please allow for some creative license, and let me know if you want it in a ball, or hank.

This yarn is a BLAST to knit with, you never know what is coming up next:)

Again, please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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