"Fruit Basket" bundle - 5 hanks + project bag!

"Fruit Basket" bundle - 5 hanks + project bag!


This is the brand new "Fruit Basket" bundle.  The "basket" includes:  5 hank of fruit yarn.  You can pick 5 from "watermelon", "kiwi fruit", "dragon fruit", "granny smith apple", "red apple", "poison apple", "citrus stripe",  "cantaloupe", "Coconut Lime", banana, and "passion fruit" sock yarn. Also included is a fruit basket themed tote bag with original artwork by Lily Grasso!  This is a great deal!  Just let me know which 5 you want at checkout in the comments.

460 yards/100gram hank

75% superwash wool, 25% nylon

Gauge:  7-8 stitches/inch on #1-3 needles

machine wash cold, tumble dry low

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