Make Your Own Mix Tape - 100+ grams, 40+ different yarns, shorter repeats

Make Your Own Mix Tape - 100+ grams, 40+ different yarns, shorter repeats


Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Mix tape yarn consists of 40+ different yarns professionally spliced together to form a strong, tiny, tuck-able tuft that is invisible on the outside of your project.  Each of my mix tape yarns includes at least 7 different picture yarns.  

This is a little different from the 200+ gram hanks as it has shorter repeats for much more frequent yarn changes.  This makes adorable socks and if you want to avoid interrupting the pattern you can always do a forethought or afterthought heel which is what I did with the socks in the picture.  The socks are an average representation of what you will get with mix tape sock yarn, but no two pairs will ever be exactly alike.


Mix tapes are all about getting what you want, so after purchasing, just send me a message letting me know your basic likes and if any particular yarns should be included or excluded.  For instance, you may strongly dislike a certain color, or want holiday yarns excluded.  Let me know whatever I need to know to make a mix tape you will like.  You can't pick every yarn, but there will be 40+ yarns, and at least 7 picture yarns as close to your specifications as possible.  Please allow for some creative license, and let me know if you want it in a ball, or hank.

This yarn is a BLAST to knit with, you never know what is coming next!

Again, please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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